Rich in Colors is the work of Michelle Richardella. She is an artist, educator, and community organizer based in Chicago. Her work exemplifies a passion for travel, adventure, and vibrancy. She is interdisciplinary at her core, and refuses to stick to one path, which can be seen throughout all realms of her work. She earned her BA in Education and Visual Arts at St. Xavier University. She continued to expand her ideas on art by earning her MA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College of Chicago. Her collaborative spirit is alive with her active membership at Fulton Street Collective.

While maintaining her studio practice, Michelle explores her interdisciplinary spirit through painting at live jazz events, creating installations with other performance artists, exploring the print studio, and taking her artwork on the road! She loves to change up her creative environment. Her work comes to life within her classroom, out in the city streets, travelling out to the wilderness, or in the company of other artist friends. Even as an art educator, she has covered everything from a general high school, museum education, to alternative school settings. 

Some examples of her expansive work include her work on local murals in Morgan Park, Oak Lawn and Calumet Park neighborhoods. Her contributions to community programming for theatre productions to benefit a local family shelter, building a sculpture park in the Burnham Wildlife Corridor, and developing social justice curriculum for high school students in programs like One Million Bones. Her community work extends into public performance, like her work in Manifest, an annual urban arts celebration in the South Loop neighborhood. Although she has focused her time and efforts on these community art endeavors, she has also maintained a steady personal exhibition record at venues like Uptown Arts Center, Fulton Street Collective Gallery, and Bridgeport Art Center.